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The 19 best spa in montreal

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10. Espace Thomas

Espace Thomas is an ideal place for the complete fitness and wellness demands of a common man. It is a gym and health center, which is located inside a renovated church. This facility also provides clients with a feature-rich spa to get rid of stress after the workout.

Espace Thomas provides both hot and cold spas throughout the year. Clients love to get inside the hot tub during the winter season. They provide a variety of massages to cure muscle strains, stress, and pain.

best spa in montreal Espace Thomas

Espace Thomas in Montreal (Credit: Instagram @espacethomas)

It’s a reliable spa facility for athletes and people, who seek sport-centric cures. Talented masseuses can treat minor muscle-related injuries. They ensure the client is fit and back on his/her feet after a few sessions of therapeutic massages.



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