10 Tips for a Successful Spa Party

spa party
spa party

10 Tips for a Successful Spa Party

So, it is time for a celebration, a get together with old friends, or just a girls day out, and you, the hostess, have decided on a spa party. There is a lot of planning that needs to go into pulling off the perfect spa experience, but these tips will help to keep you organized and ensure that you get to enjoy the party as much as your guests will.

  1. Choose the day of the party, the time, and the location very carefully. A hotel suite may be the best option for parties of 4-6 guests. You may also want to call local day spas and see what kind of packages they offer. Four to five hours allows enough time for the treatments, snacks, conversation, and impromptu fun.
  2. Consider your guest list carefully. The drama queen or the attention hounds may not be the best choices for a party planned with relaxation and pampering in mind. Invite friends that know and are comfortable with each other.
  3. If you book a hotel suite, ask if the hotel employs spa professionals. It is possible that you may receive a group discount as well as alleviate the need to call around for a masseuse or a manicurist.
  4. Plan your atmosphere. Candles and soft lighting are a must, as is aromatherapy products. www.spa-candle.com carries a great selection of moderately priced candles and massage oils.
  5. Another great resource for everything spa is www.spaindex.com. You can find links to everything from candles and treatments to music for your spa party.
  6. Decide on the supplies that you will provide, www.spagirlsparties.com carries all of the manicure and pedicure products that you can dream of, as well as bath and body and facial product lines that are to die for.
  7. If you have decided to provide the towels and robes as party favors instead of requiring the guests to bring their own, www.cottonpalace.com offers a wide selection of luxurious towels and robes, with many under fifty dollars.
  8. Consider spa gift baskets for party favors. This can be one of the more enjoyable do it yourself parts of planning your spa party. Visit your local dollar store for baskets, body poufs, loofahs, manicure and pedicure essentials, as well as other spa products that will make an impression without breaking the bank.
  9. Choose your spa professionals carefully. They should be licensed and insured. Make sure that you ask for references. Another possibility is to call a local massage school. You may be able to get a reduced rate for a ready to graduate student that just needs the hours. Make sure to call 2 to 3 weeks in advance so you are not stuck with a last minute choice.
  10. Pay special attention to the menu for your spa party. Keep the snacks and beverage choices light. You may want to check with your local catering companies or grocers and ask about custom veggie trays. Include chilled herb infused juices and mineral waters as well as green teas. While the option to include alcohol is totally up to you, a mimosa works well for morning spa parties, while champagne is best for spa parties held in the evening.

Above everything else, relax. That is what a spa party is all about.