Serenity Day Spa

Serenity Day Spa (Tangier) - 2020 All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos) - Tripadvisor

Serenity Day Spa

I literally fell into the Tenley Town branch of Serenity Day Spa in N.W. Washington D.C. that day.The reception darlings know me there by now and greated me warmly, as usual making me feel as if I were the only client they had and would move mountains for me. The reception area itself is welcoming and friendly, a lot of smiles and attention always.

I didn’t have an appointment and must have looked a mess as I had just received HORRIBLE news and had been bawling my eyes out for at least an hour. Obviously they could tell, and without being asked, told me what was available right then and there and what other things I could wait for and for how long.

It was a now thing. I needed some attention. The Citrus Sea Salt Glow was ready to go and I had never tried it. One of the girls at the front desk (whose name I SHOULD know) walked me to the locker/dressing room and softly said, “I don’t know what happened to you today but you are in good hands now and we will do whatever you need”. This of course induced more tears…

Serenity Day Spa (Tangier) - 2020 All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos) - Tripadvisor

I love the dressing room at Serenity.┬áThe entire area is clean and warm feeling. Fluffy white robes, comfy “spa shoes” which are sanitized with every use, a shower, a dressing area, hair dryers, cotton balls, q-tips, lotion, hair spray, tampons (had to be said) and a lovely clear pitcher of ice water with round slices of oranges floating about.

Once ready, I headed to the waiting area, which is so gorgeous it should be featured in a decorating magazine. More fruit infused water, tea, coffee and cookies are ready and waiting. My wait was less than 5 minutes, as it has always been, even though I wouldn’t mind a few more minutes with those cookies.

I am embarrassed to say that I don’t remember the name of the woman who gave me the salt scrub. I know her face and remember her fussing over me the entire time.

We went into the warm, candle lit treatment room. She politely asked if I would prefer to be covered up with a towel, for modesty, or naked. After giving birth in a teaching hospital in front of 34 students my age, modesty is definitely not an issue so I went sans towel.

The table was comfortable, and had trenches down the sides, to catch the “rinse off” water. As she prepared us both for the treatment, soft soothing music piped in and I finally started to relax.

The scent of this citrus salt scrub was amazing. The dominant scent was lemony-tangerine, with notes of lime and I dare say lavender. I wanted to lick it off my skin. I wanted it in a glass with vodka. But I digress.

She started with the right side of my body, hands first. Gently she massaged every appropriate inch of my body. She performed acupressure brilliantly on both my hands and feet as she scrubbed away my dead skin and sorrows. Gentle, yet brisk, it was a delightful sensation.

When I was covered in the Citrus Sea Salt, scrubbed and beyond relaxed, she left the room and let me enjoy the feeling for a few minutes. I fell asleep.

When I woke, she was back and was gently beginning to rinse off the salt scrub with warm water, feet first. It truly felt wonderful, and my tears and stress washed right down the drain trenches.

She wrapped me in a new fluffy white robe, instructed me to drink tons of water to flush out the toxins and told me I could sit and relax in the waiting area all day if I wanted.

Needless to say, I glowed. For several days actually. My skin was amazingly soft, and the effects (physically and mentally) lasted much longer than anticipated.

the Citrus Sea Salt Glow only cost $59. I have not yet tried them, but I have noticed in the fall they offer “Pumpkin Sea Salt Glows”

I would, and have, recommended this treatment. It was fabulous. The whole spa is fabulous. But this one treatment stands out in my mind. In fact I believe I will schedule a series (they usually discount when you do 6) of “glow”s.