How to Negotiate Spa Services Lomi Lomi massage

How to Negotiate Spa Services

How to Negotiate Spa Services Lomi Lomi massage

I was in Oahu in May, and I like to try different spa services depending on where I am staying. Being in Hawaii, I thought a Lomi Lomi massage and facial at a spa would be a nice ending to the vacation. But, how can I do spa services at a resort while still saving money? Well, what I did was ask.

The first person I asked about the spa and any discount was one of the hotel staff. No, I was not staying at the hotel, but since I was a first time visitor to the spa, the bellman gave me a card that was good for 10% off all services at the spa. I had a 20 second conversation, and I had already saved 10%. So, when you go into a hotel for spa services, go ahead and ask at the concierge desk if they have any discounts for new clients. Take those 20 seconds and see what you find.

The second person I asked was Cana Honda, the Spa Director at Spa Olakino. She suggested asking about any specials ( some spas offer an Early Bird or Night Owl specials), where you can do a partial session at a reduced price. If you want to try a service and see if you like it, this is a great way to do so, without breaking the bank.

Cana also suggested asking if there are any discounts for in-state visitors (Hawaii offers discounts to Hawaiian residents, and other states may do the same) as well as military discounts. I would also add to this list: let the spa know you are trying a service for the first time (like my Lomi Lomi massage) and see if they may give you an additional discount.

You can also see if they have any specials for booking online, or if there are any discounts available for ‘special occasions’ such as a birthday, bridal shower, etc. The key here is to ask what might be available that is not listed on the website.

I am so glad I did – my facial with Tiffany and my Lomi Lomi massage with Chandra was well worth the extra time to get a great deal, and with the tips I got to save on this spa experience, I had money left over for a Mai Tai. Now that is true Zen at work.