The 19 best spa in montreal

Spa of Hotel Le St-James in Montreal
Spa of Hotel Le St-James in Montreal

The best spas in Montreal offer ample support to distress and feel rejuvenated. Clients get various spas and massage options to ensure the best cure for strain, aches, and stress. Exceptionally skilled masseuses ensure the client gets the best treatment at a reasonable price!

Montreal is one of the most impressive cities in the world that entertains thousands of visitors every day. Many people visit Montreal for business and many others to spend a quality vacation in Quebec province’s largest city.

This city provides everything a person needs to enjoy a comforting vacation, especially spas. There are numerous spas in Montreal, which provide therapeutic cures to heal physical and mental stress.

A Montreal spa visit should be in every person’s itinerary plan, make sure this trip is genuinely a refreshing experience. The best spa in Montreal always delivers remarkable healing solutions. These therapeutic cures and healing solutions lure numerous new clients to the best spas in Montreal.

The Best Spa in Montreal:

Consider one of the following 20 Best Montreal Spas for massage, spa, and other therapeutic cures. These facilities have gained great admiration from their regular and occasional clients. Continue reading to reveal how the best spa in Montreal, treats and please their clients.

1.Bota Bota

Bota Bota is Montreal’s true charm. Being located on a refurbished ferry boat, it drifts over the Saint-Lawrence River. This spa draws clients from several countries, who seek a top-tier luxury spa for relaxation.

All five decks of this luxurious ferry offer steam baths, saunas, showers, whirlpools, and cold baths. It has luxurious massage rooms and facial treatment facilities. Onboard restaurant, hammocks, and other additional perks make Bota Bota visit a unique experience.

best spa in montreal :Bota bota Spa in Montreal
Bota bota Spa in Montreal (Credit: Instagram @botabotamtl)

Being the best Spa in Montreal, Bota Bota offers various packages for massage and treatment. Some packages also include delicious meals and accommodation to provide the best aid to the tourists.

This spa has maintained its reputation as one of Montreal’s finest spa and massage facilities. Its settings, high-quality service, and exceptional service track prove that it’s the best spa in Montreal. That’s why it entertains numerous clients every day!

2.Scandinave SPA

Offering a complete Scandinavian series of water circuits, the Scandinave Spa is a top-notch spa located in Old Montreal. It’s a place where you go to relax. No contact with the rest of the world because your phone will be locked!

This spa disconnects you from all your worries and issues causing mental stress. The treatment begins as you step into a sauna. It leads you to cooler Nordic baths, where you can relax to relieve your stress and pains. Sit and enjoy under the warm waterfall to overhaul your mental state and feel relieved.

best spa in montreal scandinavia Spa
Scandinavia Spa in Montreal (Credit: Instagram @scandinavemtl )

Spend at least a day at Scandinave Spa to take advantage of the best therapeutic baths and massages offered at this spa. It will feel like being in a haven where you will be re-energized to achieve more success.

Flawlessly crafted interiors and reasonably priced massages will lure you to revisit this spa time and again. So, make an appointment now if you are in Montreal and planning to visit the spa.

3.Strom SPA Nordic

The Strom Spa Nordique is located just a few minutes away from Montreal city on the Nuns’ Island. It offers quick relief from the rush lifestyle of the main city. This spa facility is perfectly nestled between the natural beauties of the Nuns’ Island.

Providing clients with therapeutic messages, stress-relieving treatments, authentic rituals, and evolutionary cuisines, Strom SPA Nordic is ready to eliminate all your worries and fears. It stands tall as a great blend of natural beauty and urbanism. It hardly takes ten minutes to drive from downtown Montreal to reach this secluded place.

best spa in montreal Strom Spa
Strom Spa in Montreal (Credit: Instagram @stromspa)

It provides clients with hot and cold baths, outdoor whirlpools, finish saunas, thermal and Nordic waterfalls, eucalyptus steam bath, beautiful areas for relaxation, terraces, bistro, quay, massage facilities, and various other treatments. Consider it a one-stop destination to get the world’s best spas and massages. The best spa in Montreal always delivers remarkable healing solutions. These therapeutic cures and healing solutions lure numerous new clients to the best spas in Montreal.

4.Spa William Gray

Located in a widely known old Montreal hotel, the Spa William Gray facility is giving a tough competition to other neighboring spas. Clients visit this facility mainly for the massages, thermal circuits, and a variety of full-body treatments.

All the massage and body treatment packages are reasonable. The locals admire this facility for its acupuncture treatment, the holistic Kansa Wand foot massage, and other kinds of massages. Here you get the most affordable solutions in the thermal circuits. Spa William Gray’s affordable treatments include rain, salt, steam, ice, and herbal therapies.

best spa in montreal William Gray Spa
William Gray Spa in Montreal (Credit: Instagram @spawilliamgray)

It’s a perfect spa for your demands if you want a simple back massage. All the masseuses are highly trained individuals. They provide the best treatment in a short time and ensure long-lasting effects.

5.SPA Escale Sante

This spa offers great support for hydrotherapy, osteopathy, and the clients also visit here to get their chi realigned. Here the clients get complete solutions for facial care along with therapeutic massages. Each treatment is designed to make you feel relieved and stress-free.

This spa has a wide range of bath-based therapies and other treatments for clients. Clients preparing for events like weddings often choose Spa Escale Sante. They get the complete treatment required to look fresh and impressive. Employees at this spa pay attention to tiniest details to deliver the best results.

best spa in montreal Spa Escale Sante
Spa Escale Sante in Montreal (Credit: Instagram @spaescalesante)

This spa gained the Certificate of Excellence for its excellent services. Their impeccable sanitation system has restored clients’ faith in spas. Thus, it became one of the finest spas located in Montreal.

Spa Escale Sante is currently offering the most reasonable packages of therapeutic cures and beauty solutions. Every client will receive quality gifts after their spa and massage session. These gifts will ensure you leave the spa with a smile!

6.SPA Cloud

Spa Cloud should be your first choice if you can’t decide which treatments will benefit you the most. It is a facility that offers comprehensive support for each cure. They have various treatments such as massages, cryotherapy, sugar hair removal, eyelash extension, Lucia N°o3, and microdermabrasion.

It will be daunting for beginners to know which treatment is perfect for their needs. Therefore, the attendants assess your needs and prepare a perfect package to deliver the required cure.

best spa in montreal Spa Cloud
Spa Cloud in Montreal (Credit: Instagram @spacloud)

Clients always praise Spa Cloud’s innovative therapies and beauty enhancement solutions. Visit this spa and let the experts take care of your beauty and physical therapy needs. They won’t disappoint you by charging an expensive fee. Their impeccable services will surprise you with amazing outcomes.

7.Moment SPA

Being situated within the luxurious Hotel Fairmont Queen Elizabeth, the Moment Spa entertains thousands of visitors looking for luxurious spa solutions. All the leading businessmen have visited this spa at least once.

Exclusive bonus offers, quality manicures, facials, massages, and other full-body treatments are offered in this facility. Clients get free access to the hotel’s Jacuzzis, pools, and fitness facilities.

best spa in montreal Moment Spa
Moment Spa in Montreal (Credit: Instagram @momentspa_inc)

If you are visiting Montreal with your male colleagues, this hotel is the best destination to accommodate in the city. Moment Spa’s triple facials, basalt stone massages, and executive pedicures will ensure your clients and colleagues are happy. It’s the best destination to impress an important client, who seeks luxurious spa treatments.


It is a health and wellness spa that you get as a part of the services offered at the Place d’Armes Hotel. Its Hammam bath has lured thousands of clients over the years. They fill the bathtub with eucalyptus vapors and offer a delicious tea to get rid of bodily toxins and relax.

best spa in montreal RainSpa
RainSpa in Montreal (Credit: Instagram @rainspamtl)


This spa provides affordable packages to take advantage of its cost-effective body and facial treatments. The clients can get customized body and facial treatments with baths. Their massage and exfoliation packages are perfect to restore the lost charm and feel energized again.

Couples visiting Montreal should pick one of Rainspa’s couples’ packages to enjoy their stay in Montreal. Therapeutic massages coupled with real-life pleasures will make this stay a memorable vacation in Montreal.

9.Le SPA de l’hôtel Le St-James

The Hôtel Le St-James is known for offering flawlessly architecture rooms to its clients. The spa is located in the hotel, where you get the most delicious wines, meals, and an environment to relax. It is a dream destination to spend a weekend, if you want to eat, drink, relax, and repeat.

This spa facility is located in Old Montreal because it offers therapeutic massages, baths, and a sauna to relax. Top-skilled massage therapists deliver exceptional full-body massages to help you in getting relaxed.

best spa in montreal Spa of Hotel Le St-James
Spa of Hotel Le St-James in Montreal

This spa is an ideal place to refresh your mind, rejuvenate the entire body, and relax before indulging in tiring business life. Pick one of Le SPA de l’hôtel Le St-James’s several packages to enjoy an exciting leave in Montreal city.

10.Espace Thomas

Espace Thomas is an ideal place for the complete fitness and wellness demands of a common man. It is a gym and health center, which is located inside a renovated church. This facility also provides clients with a feature-rich spa to get rid of stress after the workout.

Espace Thomas provides both hot and cold spas throughout the year. Clients love to get inside the hot tub during the winter season. They provide a variety of massages to cure muscle strains, stress, and pain.

best spa in montreal Espace Thomas
Espace Thomas in Montreal (Credit: Instagram @espacethomas)

It’s a reliable spa facility for athletes and people, who seek sport-centric cures. Talented masseuses can treat minor muscle-related injuries. They ensure the client is fit and back on his/her feet after a few sessions of therapeutic massages.


Offering a variety of baths, massages, NeuroSpa, LPG Treatments, and various other therapeutic solutions, the Ovarium is a great place to get rid of all kinds of worries. Clients float over Epsom salt-filled water for an hour to relax and get rid of toxins.

There are private rooms for massages and baths. You can disconnect yourself from the rest of the world and enjoy therapies as long as you want. Get a bath and then proceed to massage therapy. It is the best way to relieve muscle strains and mental stress causing troubles in your work.

best spa in montreal Spa Ovarium
Spa Ovarium in Montreal (Credit: Instagram @spa_ovarium)

Discover the health benefits of NeuroSpa, light therapy, and zero-gravity chair while playing your favorite songs. This spa facility is like a haven for individuals seeking a relaxing experience on a beautifully decorated premise.

12.Spa Diva

This beautiful spa is located in the commercial center of the underground city. Montreal’s citizens have been visiting Spa Diva for many years. It will continue to serve them for many decades in the future with a variety of therapeutic cures.

Customers mainly visit Spa Diva to rejuvenate and enhance their physical appearance. It provides clients with top-end body wraps, facials, massages, pedicures, and manicure services. There is a massage chair for clients, who want to sit and relax for hours.

best spa in montreal Spa Diva
Spa Diva in Montreal (Credit: Instagram @spadivamtl)

Book an appointment with the date in Spa Diva, enjoy massages and other services, and then come out to enjoy the evening with delicious wines and cuisines.

Detoxifying facial treatment, hot stone massages, and haute couture manicures are a few treatments that draw thousands of clients to Spa Diva. Skilled masseuses with top-notch stress-relieving massage techniques will draw you back to Spa Diva time and again.

13.Nubia Spa Vert

Clients have admitted that they don’t want to visit other spas after getting quality treatment at Nubia Spa Vert. It is a fascinating facility where clients often develop euphoric addiction to treatments offered at the spa.

Clients choose Nubia Spa Vert for therapeutic massages, osteopathy, Naturopathy, private sauna, organic facial, and organic spa treatments. Attendants at this spa are highly trained masseuses, who quickly recommend the best solutions for your demands.

best spa in montreal Nubia Spa Vert
Nubia Spa Vert in Montreal (Credit: Instagram @nubiaspavert_santeglobale)

The clients can sit and consult with experts before they pick a treatment. This treatment will be performed by top skilled professionals, who have served Montreal’s inhabitants and guests for many years.

Nubia Spa Vert also became popular for offering a sauna at only $30 price. It’s probably the most affordable price charged by any top-rated spa facility in Montreal, Canada. Therefore, it deserves recognition for exceptional and affordable services.

14.Central Parc

Decorated in warm colors of natural wood, the Central Parc spa offers massages, baths, face treatment, a relaxation clinic, and massage therapies. Clients call it the best spa in Montreal for students , it always delivers remarkable healing solutions. These therapeutic cures and healing solutions lure numerous new clients to the best spas in Montreal. for students, who can’t afford expensive full-body treatments.

They do not compromise with the quality of the work but still deliver exceptional services. Their clinical operations have helped many clients, who were looking for mental and physical relief. Fascia therapy, cranial therapy, kinesitherapy, and other spa rituals made this spa popular across the province.

best spa in montreal Spa Central Park
Spa Central Park in Montreal (Credit : Instagram @spa.centrale_parc)

The clients can pick one of Central Parc’s several packages or visit the spa and get guided support from the experts. Listen to the attendees and then assess what your body needs to function perfectly. Therapeutic cures offered by this spa will give a new boost to your life.

Renowned for offering affordable and beneficial therapies, the Spa Centrale Parc is a great place for relaxation. It cuts your connection to the rest of the world and brings you closer to your inner self.

Each massage and each treatment in this facility is a relaxing experience. Great facial care treatments lure many women to this spa. They offer a variety of facials and beauty solutions. This spa also operates as a clinic in which clients get various therapeutic cures.

Spa Centrale Parc isn’t famous as a pricey spa service, but that doesn’t mean they offer poor services. Thousands of clients have praised this spa for offering comforting support. That’s why it draws numerous guests every month by maintaining a flawlessly sanitized environment.

15.Espace Nomad

Espace Nomad is offering eco-friendly therapies and beauty solutions at very reasonable costs. Clients can choose from several facials, toxin-free manicures, pedicures, full-body beauty treatment, massages, and other services.

This spa promotes the use of organic products, which are non-toxic and quite beneficial for skin and health. Every spa and beauty treatment in this spa will be a guilt-free experience for people worried about the environment.

best spa in montreal Espace Nomad
Espace Nomad in Montreal (Credit: Instagram @espacenomad)

There are eight different packages for eight different treatments. This spa is currently offering 12 types of massages. The skilled masseuse will ensure that the client gets the promised outcome after each massage. Many clients have admired this spa for its cost-effective packages. Thus, it became one of Montreal’s popular spa and massage facilities.


It is an impressive open-air spa located in Montreal. This beautiful spa provides the clients with outdoor Californian baths, eucalyptus steam baths, authentic Finnish saunas, an ice-cold basin with a waterfall, 18 massage rooms for therapeutic treatments, and other full-body treatments.

best spa in montreal Skyspa
Skyspa in Montreal (Credit: Instagram @skyspa_)

You won’t like to miss the evening beauty of this spa. It looks amazing during the daytime and more entertaining during the nighttime. Clients visit this open-air spa from all over the world. Many clients spend at least two days in this facility to get rid of all kinds of worries.

It’s a fascinating facility located in Montreal, which has drawn thousands of tourists and locals every year. That’s why it is listed among the best spa in Montreal.

17.Balena Spa

This spa looks like a beautiful resort nestled between charming lush mountains and the lake. It brings you closer to the natural beauties created by Mother Nature. It’s a perfect place to relax and forget everything that causes unnecessary stress.

This place provides popular massages from all across the globe. Their attentive team assesses clients’ needs and delivers the best solutions for their needs. Clients do yoga near lake shores, enjoy healing baths, rest in massage rooms, and feel better after each treatment.

best spa in montreal Balena Spa
Balena Spa in Montreal

This spa is redefining relaxation. It is making things quite tough for spas located inside Montreal. Many locals and foreign visitors book trips to Balena Spa and spend a whole weekend in this facility. It was established in 2005, but now it is considered way better than several older spas and massage facilities.

18.Polar Bears Club

It is another renowned spa facility located just an hour away from Montreal city. It is a great place to take a day off from work and restore peace of mind. This place is renowned for offering a variety of Nordic spas.

Most of the clients visit the Polar Bears Club to try their spa packages and massage packages. The ultimate packages include both massage and spa. The Nordic spa ritual is not only great for relaxation, but also for feeling energized. Warm water pools remain open throughout the year.

best spa in montreal Polar Bears Club
Polar Bears Club in Montreal (Credit: Instagram @polarbearsclub)

It’s an ideal spa to visit during the winter season. It’s the time when this place adds more therapeutic cures to its packages. Therefore, a weekend in Polar Bears Club becomes a refreshing vacation for all the Montreal inhabitants and tourists.

19.Wellness SPA et Le Nouvel Hotel

This spa focuses on the overall well-being of the clients. Therefore, it provides the best environment for relaxation and improving their strength. It is a newly renovated spa located inside the Le Nouvel Hotel, downtown Montreal.

This spa has always drawn both local and foreign clients towards its services. It offers affordable massages, acupuncture cures, cleansing dry sauna, yoga classes, pilates classes, and a meditation guide to improving the mind-body balance.

best spa in montreal Wellness SPA et Le Nouvel Hotel
Wellness SPA et Le Nouvel Hotel (Credit: Instagram @lenouvelhotel)

All the attendees and masseuses at Wellness Spa are trained to recognize chemical, structural, and emotional energy imbalances. They treat the clients based on their requirements and develop cures, which can offer instant relief.

It is a great facility to heal injuries, get rid of chronic pain, and feel rejuvenated after each therapy. This spa is a perfect place to regain that lost energy and feel mentally and physically stronger.

Final thoughts:

The best spa in Montreal listed in this post have entertained thousands of clients till date. Even though it’s impossible to please every visitor, these spas are the least criticized spa facilities in the city.

It will take just a few minutes to assess each facility and choose a package online. Check official websites to get a detailed view of the services. Thus, it will be much easier to pick the best spa in Montreal.

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