How to make relaxing rejuvenating Spa

How to make relaxing rejuvenating Spa
How to make relaxing rejuvenating Spa

How to make relaxing rejuvenating Spa

There is no need to pay high-prices and contribute to an increasing carbon footprint to have a true spa experience. You can make relaxing and rejuvenating spa products at home without the need to shell out your hard earned cash or garner more wasteful plastic containers on your shelves. Spa product recipes are fairly simple to make and are a lot of fun to experiment with on a “Girls Nite In” with your friends. Escape from the hectic realities of life in the comfort of your own home by using all-natural spa and beauty products. You may discover that many of the items you need are already on your pantry shelf.

Skin Sauna Recipe

Your skin will thank you for smearing on this deep cleansing mixture. You can achieve the benefits of sitting in a sauna without filling your tank and traveling to a spa. Fill a glass bowl with boiling water and add four drops of each essential oil designed to address you specific skin type. Nod your head over the bowl and cover yourself from head to shoulder with a towel. After approximately two minutes your facial and neck pours will open. You should follow up with a natural facial scrub or mask to thoroughly clean your skin and remove hidden dirt and bacteria. If you are pregnant or have asthma, you should check with your doctor before conducting a skin sauna.

Essential Oils

Dry Skin: Camomile and Rose
Normal Skin: Lavender and Mandarin
Oily Skin: Eucalyptus and Lemon

Skin Exfoliate Recipe

Sea salt naturally removes dry skin from the face and body. Wet your skin with warm water and use a wet washcloth to very gently massage sea salts. Wash the mixture after two minutes with cold water. Hot water opens the pours and cold closes. Add exfoliating to your beauty routine once a week for tighter and healthier skin with a diminished appearance of large pours.

Dark Eye Circles Recipe

Utilize the catecholase enzyme found in potatoes to reduce dark circles under your eyes. Grate a potato and wrap the mashed particles in two pieces of cheesecloth and place one on each closed eye. Allow the ingredients to absorb into the skin for approximately 20 minutes before removing and gently washing your face.

Foot and Hand Massage Recipe

Soften the skin on your hands and feet with a simple spa recipe. Melt four bars of parrafin wax and pour it into a container large enough to hold your feet. You can use the wax alone or mix in your natural moisturizing lotion. Dip your feet into the warm mix three times, but allow a minute between dips to allow each layer to dry. Wrap your foot or hand in to seal in the moisture. Remove the wrap after 20 minutes and wash the skin.