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The 19 best spa in montreal

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Offering a variety of baths, massages, NeuroSpa, LPG Treatments, and various other therapeutic solutions, the Ovarium is a great place to get rid of all kinds of worries. Clients float over Epsom salt-filled water for an hour to relax and get rid of toxins.

There are private rooms for massages and baths. You can disconnect yourself from the rest of the world and enjoy therapies as long as you want. Get a bath and then proceed to massage therapy. It is the best way to relieve muscle strains and mental stress causing troubles in your work.

best spa in montreal Spa Ovarium

Spa Ovarium in Montreal (Credit: Instagram @spa_ovarium)

Discover the health benefits of NeuroSpa, light therapy, and zero-gravity chair while playing your favorite songs. This spa facility is like a haven for individuals seeking a relaxing experience on a beautifully decorated premise.



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