Do it Yourself Home SPA

Do it Yourself Home SPA

When my mother needed Hospice care, my husband and I began staying at her home to help out. Two weeks after she passed away, it was our daughter’s Junior Prom. Trying to sort through my mother’s affairs, caring for my grandmother and keeping up my own home depleted our funds.

It seemed as if we would not be able to treat our daughter to a day at the SPA, as was planned. I read an article in Women’s World Magazine that gave tips on turning your bathroom into a SPA. And decided this is what I would do.

My mother had been using the bathroom inside her bedroom for storage. The floor as well as the bathtub were filled with items. Clothing on coat hangers were on the shower rods. There were cobwebs and dust everywhere. Without saying a word to anyone I cleaned out the bathroom, and shut the door.

I purchased bubble bath, lotion, bath salts, and scented candles from Family Dollar. I spent less than $10.00. On the afternoon of the prom, I poured the bath salts and bubble bath in the tub. As it was filling with water, I lit the candles, and spritzed colonge in a few places.

I set a tape player on the bathroom floor and put in a tape of anointed worship music, to bring tranquility and the presence of the Lord into the atmosphere. I cut out the light and called my daughter into the bedroom. I yelled surprise then opened the bathroom door. She was truly appreciative.

Creating a home SPA for my daughter was fun. I was able to do something special for her big day, as well as get my mind off of the things I was dealing with. Whenever I have the chance, I make a home SPA for myself.

Personally, I believe if the truth be told, most people will relax better in the comfort of their own home, than they will in a commercial setting. Society has pumped it into our heads that we must get away from home in order to relax.

In this uncertain economy, not everyone has discretionary money to use at a day SPA. A Do it yourself home SPA is a great way to obtain the relaxation you need, and spend within your budget. It’s also a wonderful idea for prom or birthday surprise for someone else as well.