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Home Spa Products

Home Spa Products

While the economy has everyone tightening purse strings these days, many may find that they can not pamper themselves at the spa. Instead of pining for the spa and all of the luxurious items that accompany that kind of a day, say hello to these 6 at home spa products that allow any one to feel pampered head to toe in a locked bathroom of your own personal home.

Starting at the top of your head and working the way down the body can boost the way almost anyone feels. Give your hair the shine it deserves by using Phiip B. White shampoo. This moisturizing shampoo is infused with Italian white truffle oil and 19 plant extracts. This is a healthy shampoo for your hair and will leave it feeling nourished and full of volume. Cost: $50 at

Most of the ladies out there know that masks can do wonders for their face, but what about a mask for your hair. Phytokarite Hair Treatment mask is a replenishing hair mask that will fight off the dry, summer heat and with shea butter and cashew oils this mask will leave your hair looking soft and bouncy. Average cost of this product is $32-$40.

All of us are looking for a way to make our skin look younger and more youthful. A spa has many ways and products to help with that process and there is a device that can be used at home as well to do the same work. Try the Crystalift Resurfacing System , a counter top device that is an advanced dermatological breakthrough that uses crystal and vacuum-lift technology to make skin smoother, brighter, and more youthful. The machine process is to lift away old, dead, and damaged skin cells and smoothes away fine lines and wrinkles as well as reducing the appearance of age spots and pore size. This product is more expensive at a cost of around $250 but seems to be well worth the cost.

Read anything about herbal medicines or natural cures for almost any condition and you will quickly learn of the healing qualities that many oils have. Naturopathica Arnica Bath and Body Oil is a great anti-inflammatory body oil that easily relieves muscle soreness and spasms. Incorporate this oil into your bedtime routine or massage and see how quickly those muscle spasms end and the soreness is worked out. At a cost of around $32 ,it is worth trying this oil to see if you feel better by just applying the oil at bedtime.

Gloves and socks that are aloe infused are becoming more popular at the spas these days than ever before. Moisture- infused gloves keep the hands looking and feeling younger and smoother. For the dry chapped skin on your hands or to gain some anti-aging benefits for your hands, use Bliss Glamor Gloves. If you add the High Intensity Hand Cream, the benefits will be double . These gloves cost around $50 at most online businesses that carry them. .

Finally, the feet are the one body part that could probably benefit the most from a day’s break at the spa. The Brookstone Aqua-Jet Foot Spa is a relaxing heated foot massager that also allows your feet to soak at 115 degrees while powerful jets relieve tired muscles. This foot spa is $99.95 online.

While even these spa items seem a little expensive, a few weeks of using these products instead of several trips to the spa will help to make the initial investment worth every penny. Plus, the benefits from the pampering will go farther than you could ever expect. These fabulous spa products will have you feeling like a new person sooner than you expect.



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