How to Relax in Your Own At-Home Spa

How to Relax in Your Own At-Home Spa

How to Relax in Your Own At-Home Spa

Have you been full of stress and anxiety? Have you been working harder than ever, struggling to get the kids in and out of school on time, and manage work responsibilities at the same time? Or have you been struggling with a tough project for work, staying up to as early as two o’clock in the morning just to finish the first half? Things are just becoming too hard to manage, and your head is full of stress on paying the taxes and taking care of the house. On top of all of that, you have no time to go relax, and you’re even still considering on taking the smallest, cheapest treatment at the local spa due to lack of money.

Who wants to spend two hundred dollars on a simple massage with baby oil and lotion? Hopefully, this guide I made will help you relax. Follow the steps below for a nice day of relaxing in your own at-home spa.

1.) First, wash your face with a cool, foaming face wash. Then, rinse your face thoroughly with warm water to open up your pores.

2.) Run some hot water in your biggest bath. Add some sweet-smelling shower gel and/or bubble bath to add some fizz to your bath. Now, add some baby oil in your bath and a few basil leaves. The baby oil will soften your skin, while the basil leaves will add a minty, refreshing smell to your bath. And, for even more fizz and color, add some bath confetti. If the water you poured is especially hot, soak a rag in a bucket or in your sink in cold water with ice in it to keep your forehead cool while you soak in the hot water.

3.) Now that your bath is ready, make sure there is a reasonable amount of water in the bathtub. Take out either a portable radio with a good radio station that plays soft jazz music, or if not take a portable C.D player, and put in a C.D that plays slow songs or sounds of the ocean. Take out the rag you left soaking in water and put it on your forehead. Now, you can get in. While you soak in the bath, make sure to constantly wet the rag in cold water. If you decide to wash your hair, a good tip I use all the time (from ‘Seventeen’ Magazine) is to add a few drops of all natural bee’s honey to my shampoo. It sounds funny, but believe me, it really helps to make your hair shiny. Be sure to rub the shampoo and honey mix in your hair for one to two minutes. But make sure to wash your hair with conditioner after to untangle any small knots in your hair.

4.) Once you are done with your bath, put on a firming face mask. After you wash the face mask off, wash your face again with a face wash.

5.) Rub some creamy lotion all over your body, especially your ankles and elbows, rubbing it in until your skin has completely absorbed the lotion.

6.) Now, you should give yourself a manicure/pedicure. First, rub some nail polish remover on your nails to remove germs before fixing your nails. Next, use a nail file to even out your nails. To strengthen and thicken nails, take out a small, plastic cup with corn oil and let each hand soak in the oil for five minutes. Make sure the oil gets under our nails to add strength deeper into your nails. When you finish, dry your hands with a dry towel and wash them repeatedly with soap and water. Now, paint your nails with any color you choose. When the paint is dry, add some clear nail polish to add some shine.

Well, that’s it. I hope this article helps you relieve some stress. Thanks for reading!