Flip Flops and Skin Cancer: Know Your Risks

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Flip Flops and Skin Cancer- Know Your Risks

Skin cancer occurs most often in areas of the body that are most exposed to the sun. That explains why skin cancer is often found on the nose, lips, around the eyes, and on the ears. But skin cancer can be found on the back, legs, and even the feet as well- anyplace that gets a ton of sun exposure without a lot of protection. Which is where flip flops and cancer can go hand-in-hand. I mean, I don’t see anyone wearing socks with their flip flops anytime soon.

All that sun exposure on the feet is just asking for skin cancer, or at least major sun damage. Since wearing flip flops all through the summer is basically the same thing as going barefoot, if you don’t put sunscreen on your feet, you’re putting yourself in serious danger. Sun exposure and flip flops just plain don’t mix, and your risk of skin cancer is greatly increased simply due to your footwear.

A super simple solution is to not forget your feet when you put your sunscreen on every single day. Before you head out into the summer sun, make sure that you have put sunscreen on every single part of your body, whether you have any skin exposed or not. This way, no matter what you are wearing, you have at least a small form of protection from the hot summer sun.