How to Make Your Own Spa Slippers from a Free Sewing Pattern

How to Make Your Own Spa Slippers from a Free Sewing Pattern

Rather than throwing those old flip-flops and towels out, consider making a pair of warm, spa-like slippers. The free pattern for these slippers can be used to make a pair for everyone in your family following the tips below.

Tips for buying materials for the spa slippers without breaking the bank.

Check at Wal-Mart or similar stores for cheap flip flops. These often can be found in various sizes in all areas of the shoe department. If you do not like the piece that goes between the toes, check for the ones that do not have it in the shoe. You will need the strap across the top to hold the top of the shoe in place.

Check garage sales and thrift shops for towels. This can help in reducing the cost of the spa slippers. Many times you can find fun colors in towels at thrift shops. Just be sure to wash the towels before starting the project.

For the fake leather, if you have an old purse you may be consider throwing away, it can be used for the leather section of the shoe. Also, a cheap placemat from General Dollar can be used. You may be able to find something similar at the thrift store or yard sale.

Tips for making the spa slippers without extra costs.

The reason I mention the thinner soled shoes is she had to take them to a person who had a professional heavy duty sewing machine to sew the towel to the sole of the shoe in step 21.

A thinner soled flip-flop may be able to be sewn on a household sewing machine if you have the correct needle for this project. Also, if you do not have batting or the money to buy batting for the shoes, a second old towel can be used too.

Also, if you have a doll or leather crafting needle, you can sew the seams around the sole in this manner. Just be sure you have heavy duty thread if you are going to sew by hand.

A small leather hand punch and hammer or drill press with the smallest drill bit can aid in making small holes for sewing by hand.

Old flip-flops + bath towel = spa slippers

Monica Ewing shows everyone how to make a pair of spa slippers recycling items you have at home. However, she uses a thick soled flip-flop to make these slippers. If you have a thinner soled pair, you could use those instead.