How to Enjoy Your Day at the Spa

How to Enjoy Your Day at the Spa

You decided to spoil yourself and spend a day at the spa. Good for you. If this is your first visit to a day spa, and/or your first experience with a masseuse, below are some thoughts and suggestions that will ease your mind.

Share the experience with a friend. Even though the day was set aside to spoil yourself, you may have a friend who may need a “me” day as well. Book your treatments concurrently, so neither one of you is waiting for the other.

However, do not be late getting there. If you arrive at the spa at least thirty minutes ahead of schedule, this will allow you and perhaps a friend enough time to check in, slip into a robe, take a shower, or just relax before you start your experience. If you are late, you lose the time, not the person after you.

When it comes to the first time massage experience, many people are apprehensive and unsure of what is expected of them. Any qualified masseuse will allow you to take off or leave on as much as you are comfortable wearing. The masseuse will leave the room to allow you to undress and slide under the sheet on the treatment table. Personally, I choose to wear just my panties because only my body parts that are being worked on are exposed. Moreover, when I turn over, my massage therapist discreetly lifts up the covers so I can comfortably turn.

You also need to talk to your massage therapist as to whether you would like light or firm pressure for your massage. Or if there are any areas you would like the therapist to avoid.

If you are the type of individual who prefers quiet time while getting a massage, please let your therapist or masseuse know if he or she is talking too much to suit you. Please try to be tactful, though, so a calm atmosphere can still be maintained. In addition, feel free to say something if you find yourself in pain or want a part of the therapy discontinued. It should also be understood, that all communication devices should be left in your locker.

Expect to be totally relaxed from your spa experience. Drink lots of water afterwards. Also, expect to have your hair a little mussed with some massage oils in it. But, try not to take a shower for a few hours after your experience. This will give your body time to benefit from any oils or treatments you experienced. In addition, if you received a facial, your face may be a little splotchy from the rigors of the treatment. I think it may be safe to say that you may want to avoid having this type of spa treatment on the day of any big event.

Once you do experience your first spa treatment, you may want to plan on others. For instance, if you are staying out of town, check to see if the hotel you will be staying at has a spa. Or plan your vacation time around a few days at a spa. There are options available if you would like to continue the benefits of a healthy spa day.