How to Have an At-Home Spa Day with Your Tween for Under $20

How to Have an At-Home Spa Day with Your Tween for Under $20

An at-home spa day with a tween can be an excellent way to spend the day together. Part of the fun can be shopping for the inexpensive pampering items for the spa day at home. Tween girls will appreciate the time together, as well as the chance to experiment with some spa and beauty products.

Twenty dollars is all it takes to make this at-home spa day with your tween a hit. Careful shopping, with a set budget will allow you to purchase many of the same types of beauty and spa supplies used in traditional spa services.

The Spa Day Shopping List

Shopping for the spa day is fairly easy and should require no more than a few stops at the local Dollar Store or Rite-Aid. Dollar Stores rank high on the list for spa day supplies because many of the basic supplies can be purchased for, yes, a dollar.

The following are items to include in your spa day shopping trip:

-Facial mask (Freemans is an affordable brand sold at Rite-Aid)

-Bath bombs

-Nail polish

-Nail filing kit (Dollar Stores)

-Foot file, pedicure supplies

-Hair conditioning treatment

-Lip gloss

-Body lotion

All of the listed supplies are typically available at affordable prices at local discount stores and Dollar Stores. The total for your shopping trip should be about $20 or less.

The Spa Day

The tween at-home spa day should take about 2-3 hours. Start the day by putting on a robe and slippers so you can both feel like you are at a spa. The first step in the spa day is the relaxing aromatherapy bath, which will provide relaxation as well as a great foot soak. Toss in a bath bomb and light some scented candles in the bathroom. While your tween soaks, you can start the facial mask, and reverse the order when you bathe.

While in the bath, a hair conditioning treatment can be applied and later rinsed off with a quick shower. Wrap hair in a towel and find a comfortable place where you can sit and work on a pedicure. Feet can be buffed and dry skin can be sloughed off with a foot file. A small basin works well to soak feet. Nail polish is the last step in the at-home pedicure.

Manicures at home can be done by trimming and filing nails, as well as doing some cuticle work. A hand lotion can be applied to soften the hands, with nail polishing as the last step.

Once all the spa manicure and pedicure work has been completed, take the time to apply a scented moisturizing body lotion. Bath and Body Works has some excellent scents. Body Butters can also be used, offering a thicker moisturizing effect on the skin. Finish off with a light body spray.

For added fun, spend some time styling your hair and practicing with light beauty supplies and make up. After all the relaxation and spa treatments, a spot of tea and cookies or fruit make a nice ending to a tween at-home spa day.