Perfect Summer Skin: Diving in Feet First

Perfect Summer Skin Diving in Feet First

Perfect Summer Skin: Diving in Feet First

Maintaining smooth, gorgeous skin all summer long can be a difficult task to accomplish. Weather you’re dealing with humidity, arid conditions or sweltering heat, these tips to glowing summer skin from head to toe won’t fail you.

Feet First

Rid yourself of those scaly winter feet. Beautiful and maintained feet are absolutely necessary for summer socializing. Obviously perfect pedicured toes are required but what about the rest of your feet? Dry and cracked calluses are an absolute disaster and instantly throw a wrench in summer fun. If you’re concerned about the sanitation and safety issues that accompany nail salons and metal blade callus removers, then TheraHeel is the perfect solution to those troubles. TheraHeel will ensure you’re feet are touchabley soft for pool parties, beach outings and other close encounters. TheraHeel is a foot resurfacing treatment that safely removes rough, dry skin safely (and from the comfort of your own home). Calluses block moisture from being absorbed into your feet, removing the callus allows for smooth and beautiful feet. So slip on your TheraHeel foot mask before your next summer event and pamper yourself.

Perfect Summer Skin- Diving in Feet First
Perfect Summer Skin- Diving in Feet First

Legs Next

Having sun kissed, silky legs should be mandatory for summer play. The first matter of business is bronzing. Adonia Organics makes a fabulous self tanner called BronzingGlow. BronzingGlow goes on evenly, smells wonderful and most importantly, will not rub off onto those lovely, white summer garments we wait all year to wear. Cellulite is another concern when considering sultry summer legs. Even the skinniest, gym committed athlete can be cursed with cellulite, not to fear though because in addition to making a fabulous BronzingCollection, Adonia Organics makes the oh-so-popular LegTone serum. This product is a favorite among celebrities like Shannon Elizabeth, Kat Graham, and Pamela Anderson. Bumpy summer stubble from shaving is a no-no. Replace your razor with Nair’s Brazilian Spa Clay Roll on Wax. Just warm the wax, apply, and remove for soft, touchable legs for up to eight weeks.


For all-over sultry and glowing skin that radiates and glows one must always stay on top of health. This maintenance goes beyond product use. Exercise is key, it may be hard to peel yourself off of the couch on those hot summer days but try to remember that nothing makes skin glow like sweating out the impurities out of your skin. Try a fun new class that keeps the summer good-vibes going. POUND rock-out workout, (at Crunch Gyms nationwide) incorporates the use of weighted drum sticks and your favorite tunes to get you healthy while jamming like a rockstar. The next order of business for all over summer skin is SUNSCREEN. I can’t express how important this is. First of all, sunburns ruins summer skin (and summer fun for that matter). If you want beautiful summer skin for summers to come, you don’t want wrinkles and if you want to avoid Melanoma, then load up on sunscreen.Hawaiian Tropic makes a shimmery sunscreen called Shimmer Effect with an SPF of 40 to make the idea of sunscreen a little more fun.

Face the Facts

For a fresh-faced summer glow Spa De Soleil’s Instant Glow is the only way to stay radiant. Instant Glow uses light reflecting micro-spheres to diffuse light, which instantly reveals a brighter complexion. Stay Hydrated, the most important way to keep skin clear and healthy is to drink tons of water (especially in the heat). Drink water and keep your skin’s thirst quenched. Moisturize! Hot summer skin is constantly thirsty for moisture. Apply your favorite moisturizer (preferably one with an SPF) morning and night to keep skin healthy and safe from the elements. Keep Clean! Always make sure you wash your make-up off after those fun summer nights, try keeping makeup remover cloths next to your bed for those particularly late nights. Exfoliating at least once a week is of paramount importance too. Exfoliating keeps your pores clean and helps to avoid blemishes.

Polish Off your Summer Look:

Apply a smile. Enjoy making summer memories, there is nothing like a smile to top off your healthy summer skin.