Tips for Planning a Trip to a Destination Spa

Tips for Planning a Trip to a Destination Spa
Tips for Planning a Trip to a Destination Spa

Tips for Planning a Trip to a Destination Spa

When you hear the words “destination spa” visions of lying on the beach with someone massaging your back while someone else is giving you a pedicure comes to mind. While this may be a possibility, a destination spa has far more to offer than you might imagine.

Destination spas can be as much about wellness and health as pampering. They are as much about changing your lifestyle for the long term as they are about having a well-deserved vacation.

You may not think about it but nutrition is one aspect of destination spas. Cooking classes in preparing healthy foods, classes about nutrition in general, and the opportunity to eat healthy, nutritious food while your there are all part of this.

Stress reduction is another important aspect of the destination spa. They may offer classes in general stress reduction, meditation instruction and practice, and spiritual awareness.

Some spas may have medical specialists who focus on integrative medicine. They may also have behavioral health specialists to help you put your life into perspective.

Physical activity can run the gamut. Common activities are hiking, tennis, horseback riding, gold and biking. Additionally a wide variety of exercise classes are available. These may include traditional exercises from a basic stretch and strengthen class to extreme cardio.

Often times, they will have alternative forms of exercise. Examples of these are Pilates, Trager Mentastics, yoga, water dance, and aquatic therapy.

And, of course, they will have a variety of spa services. In addition to the traditional massage and facial, they may also offer treatments such as Acutonics and Ayurvedic body treatments.

To prepare for your trip, carefully study the options available at the spa you will be visiting. Think about what you want to gain out of your visit. Do you want to get a jump start at living a more healthful life? Do you want to spend your days in the gym doing strengthening and cardio? Perhaps you want to learn about something new, such as Yamuna foot fitness, Watsu or gyrotonics.

Once you have decided on the goal for your visit, study the specific options, and think about which ones will best contribute to your goal. Look at the scheduled activities for the week as well as ones you will need to book, such as sessions with a trainer, spa services, and medical assessments and consultations.

Next, fit your wish list into a schedule. Call the spa, and speak with a scheduling consultant. Not only will he be able to set appointments for you, he will also be able to advise you as to how much time you will need between appointments, and if you are trying to do too much in one day. With these preparations, you will be ready to enjoy an amazing spa vacation.