Preparing Your Skin for the Summer

Preparing Your Skin for the Summer

The summer can bring a lot of skin issues. The sun is not the only issue either. Insects and plants can add to our skin problems. The best way, to head off these issues, is by being proactive. This article will give you provide you with some suggestions for preparing your skin for the summer.


There are many types of insects that damage your skin. However, the number one insect is the mosquito. Insects are more active, in taller grass or woody areas. They are also more active when the weather is cooler. Knowing this in advance, gives the opportunity to prepare for them. Cover your skin as best as you can. Long pants and sleeves help. Socks and no sandals also will help. A good insect repellent will also help. Citronella candles, on your deck or patio, will keep them away, too.


Many of the poison plants produce a toxin, that can irritate the skin. If you are working or playing around them, wear clothes to cover your skin. When finished, place these clothes in the laundry immediately. Next, shower and use a strong soap to remove any toxins on your skin.


Besides burning the skin, the sun can cause premature aging, wrinkles, age spots and unwanted tan lines to your body. This type off damage can be long lasting. It can also lead to forms of skin cancer.

You lose a lot of body water through perspiration. It is important to keep your skin hydrated. Drink a lot of water. Maintain a diet that is a compliment to the weather. Avoid red and white meats during the summer. Instead go for fish and vegetables.

The chlorine in swimming pools can also be harsh on your skin. Make sure you shower off with clean water after your daily dip in the pool. Chlorine can cause dry skin and possible flaking.

If you are doing garden or yard work, wear sun protection. Exposed skin to the sun’s rays need to have a sun block lotion of SPF 15 or higher. You should also wear a hat and long pants and sleeves. Light weight gloves will also protect the back of hands and wrist areas.

Keeping your skin clean is also important. You need to deep clean your skin. Skin pores will fill with bacteria and the warm weather will encourage this bacteria to grow. Deep cleaning of your skin will kill this bacteria.

Being prepared and proactive will help, keep your skin safe during the summer.