The Best New Beauty Products of Summer

The Best New Beauty Products of Summer

There are lots of new beauty products being released this spring and summer. I have tried a number of them and some of them are actually very good! Here are some my favorite new beauty products that were released recently.

Milani Liquid Metal Nail Polish

I am in love with the new Liquid Metal nail polishes from Milani. The colors are fun and trendy and the formula is smooth and easy to apply. These polishes come in an array of bright metallics that are perfect for this summer. I purchased Hot Metal and Molten Rock and love them both. Hot Metal is an awesome purpley-fuchsia metallic that seems to change color in different lighting. It is a gorgeous color for summer and looks especially nice under mall lights. Molten Rock is an awesome metallic blue green that looks blue in some lights and green in other lighting. A very nice color for summer as well.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss

Revlon released a few new colors this spring in their Super Lustrous lip gloss line. Honestly, all of the Super Lustrous glosses are nice but these three colors are a must have for this summer. Coral Reef is a gorgeous sheer coral color that looks great on darker skin tones. Lilac Pastelle is very trendy this season and works well on most fair skinned individuals. Nude Lustre is a great nude gloss for any skin tone. If you are lucky enough to be able to find these in your local drugstore, I’d definitely give them a shot.

Cargo Multi-Mix Bronzer

If you like the look of tanned skin but don’t want to risk any damage from the sun, Cargo Multi-Mix bronzer can help you out. This is a liquid bronzer that you can use alone on your cheekbones or mix with your foundation to give your skin a sun kissed glow. It’s a really pretty and natural looking bronzer. My pale skin is loving it for this summer!

Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Double Body Mists

If you like sweet, fruity or foody scents you will love the new Beauty Rush Double Body Mists. I purchased these in Cherry Bomb, Berry Smooch and Purple Hazeberry. I am head over heels in love with these scents. My boyfriend likes them as well, he won’t stop sniffing when when I wear them! The oil in the spray is nice and moisturizing and the scents smell deliciously fruity. They are quite light and tend to wear off quickly but I don’t really mind reapplying them once a night since they smell so amazing.

I am sure there are many more new products to be released this summer, but so far, these are my favorites.