Facials Every Month: What to Expect at Facelogic Spa

Facials Every Month? What to Expect at Facelogic Spa

If you dream about enjoying a weekly facial, a trip to your local Facelogic (facelogic) spa offers one way to treat yourself to a pampering session – without overextending your personal care budget.

Facelogic is a spa franchise that offers a large selection of skin care services delivered by professional estheticians. The spas define themselves as ‘affordable luxury ‘ centers where you can come in solely for professional facial treatment.

Whether you’re an avid spa-goer who wants to save on your habit, or just want to pamper yourself on a regular basis, here’s what to expect at Facelogic:

Treatments and Services at Facelogic

Facelogic services and treatments include facials, specialty peels, intensive masques, facial waxing, and even makeup lessons. All treatments are delivered by trained estheticians, and include a skin analysis. You can also browse the retail area where you’ll find notable brands such as MD Skin Care, Peter Thomas Roth, Archipelago Botanicals, and facelogic’s Signature line amongst others.

Facelogic Spa
Facelogic Spa

The Experience at Facelogic

You’ll need to arrive at least 5 minutes before your appointment to fill out paperwork, and can relax in the lobby area until the esthetician arrives to take you to your treatment room.

After you’ve selected your treatment from the menu of services, the esthetician will give you a complete skin care analysis to determine your skin type, and to understand any specific skin problems you may be having. This is an important step that will really help you make the most of your session, so don’t be afraid to shed light on any skin conditions or problems you experience on a regular basis.

Each session is 50 minutes long, and you’ll be asked to dress in a spa gown and take a seat in a professional spa chair. The facials include a light massage for your face, neck, shoulders, and arms which is a nice bonus for your session. Every Facelogic facial includes a steam treatment, extraction if you need one, an intensive masque, and a rich moisturizer to soothe your skin with afterwards.

When your treatment is over, the esthetician will recommend a number of products that were used during your service, as well as products you can use to enhance and maintain healthy skin. These recommendations are all based on your skin type and skin condition.

Prices and Products at Facelogic

If it’s your first time at a Facelogic center, you can enjoy a 50-minute customized treatment for $39. If you become a member for $39 per month, you can enjoy one custom facial treatment each month, and pay just $39 for any additional facials (regularly priced at $65).

The high quality product selection at Facelogic is another benefit of visiting regularly; from botanical masques to nourishing moisturizers, you’ll have access to a diverse range of great products to keep your skin in great shape!

Bottom Line: Affordable and professional treatments are readily available at facelogic, and are a great way to keep up with your healthy skin regiment – especially if you can’t visit an upscale spa once per month. It’s important to remember that one facial won’t give you the most benefits; getting at least 1-2 facials per month can give your skin a natural year round glow, and is a great investment if you experience a number of skin problems on a regular basis.