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Beauty faves

My Beauty Faves

My Beauty Faves I am an absolute fashion junkie, I’m obsessed with clothes, makeup, and hair. When I was in highschool I couldn’t afford the Jadore Dior, Manolo’s, and Dolce that I dreamt of, and who am I kidding? I still can’t. But a girl has to satisfy her sweet tooth somehow. Since I couldn’t […]

Tips for Giving Yourself an Easy Spa Pedicure at Home

Home Spa Pedicure

Home Spa Pedicure A day at the spa can be a relaxing and comforting experience. Unfortunately with today’s economy it can also be a very costly experience. Although spa’s can be fun and relaxing nothing’s better or cheaper than giving yourself a relaxing Spa Pedicure. For those who aren’t familiar with spa pedicures or how […]

Do it Yourself Home SPA

Do it Yourself Home SPA When my mother needed Hospice care, my husband and I began staying at her home to help out. Two weeks after she passed away, it was our daughter’s Junior Prom. Trying to sort through my mother’s affairs, caring for my grandmother and keeping up my own home depleted our funds. […]

Homedics Home Spa

Homedics Home Spa

Homedics Home Spa One of my Christmas presents was the Homedics Home Spa. I truly enjoy it. It is an audio device and nightlight designed to help you relax and go to sleep easier. The nightlight has four different colors (white, blue, pink, and green). The sounds are as varying as a heartbeat to thunderstorms. […]